Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hong Kong is easy

We made it to Hong Kong last night, and though the flight was less-than-fresh (I really don't like flying I have decided, it sucks a lot) we arrived and got to our Hotel easily!

We wandered around the whole day today, go everything we needed ate well and found much of what we saw amazing, great, interesting, fun and weird. Everything good.

The trains here are great, and most everyone is helpful. (Well, almost everyone. Some people are just happy to shoo us away with an easy answer, but those people look like tired government employees.)

This internet cafe is fantastic, but hidden in the upper floor behind a buzzer that you have to press. At first we thought it wasn't open, but upon further inspection we found it was. Thank the earth because it's the only one we can find!!! I thought they were meant to be everywhere.

We haven't bought much, we are leaving that until China although about 15 people have asked me if I want a tailor, about 10 people have shoved watches in my face and another 5 or so pushing bags and other wares in my face.

that aside... YAY... It's so cool here.


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