Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The lonleyness

Since the 5th of May I have been alone. Well, can you say alone and really mean it? no, I have been without the one person who has given my life spice over the last 3 years. The man who I count as my greatest love, my best friend and the only one who really ever managed to figure me out. Sometimes I think no one knows me really, but then he surprises me, and I love him for it. Well, right now, HE isn't here. It's a sad time. But there is joy to be found.


Letters are lovers food. At some point in a relationship I recommend everyone separate and confine themselves to the odd phone call and letters. Getting to know someone, the way they write in letters, the carefully-thought-out ideas and sentiments of love that really touch the sad and lonely heart; they really do make the love deeper. The love I have for my husband is deeper now than ever, and it comes with an understanding of his feelings that - being a talker - I don't often here.

Thinking about what to say next.

When reading a letter you can't spend the time thinking about what to say next. You cherish, relish, and fully accept every word written on the page. It is there to be read and reread to fully take in every thought and feeling thorough the page. It gives me more insight into his feelings and hopes and the time to fully think about his point of view. I know I have a problem with listening, and this has been a great opportunity to really listen to my husband.


I would still rather be with him than without him... and even though I love the letters I love the arms more.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Crucible - Have a look! Come along.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Wedding

Brad and I got married on the 24th of April, the day before Anzac Day 2008. It was an amazing day. We will be together for the rest of our lives!

The Crucible - I am in a play :)

This is a review written about the play I am in at the moment:

RIGHT: Brian Bolton as John Proctor, and Jaz Robertson as Abigail Williams

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

Directed by Brenda White

New Farm Nash Theatre

Merthyr Uniting Church

52 Merthyr Rd

New Farm

DIRECTOR Brenda White really brought The Crucible to life at The Nash Theatre!

The show was such an enjoyably intense experience that really did the play justice.

Abigail Williams, played by Jaz Robertson, is at the centre of the witchery and turmoil. It is her and the other young girls’ “innocent” behaviour that soon leads to a town fearing the Devil is amongst them.

Abigail is clearly lacking many things in her life; love, security and self-worth. Although she appears confident and bold, thou shalt not be deceived.

Soon enter John Proctor, played by Brian Bolton, who I must mention as one of the standout performances. At first I was struggling to find the interaction between Bolton and Robertson believable, but this soon all changed and it proved to be a powerful connection that both actors should be proud of.

The story of their affair is touched upon, and Abigail delivers her desires for Proctor with conviction.

Proctor and Abigail seem to represent the good and the bad at the heart of this mayhem. Proctor, an honest and sensible man, who also is a devout Christian, struggles to come to terms with how serious the girls’ accusations of Spirits and the Devil are being taken.

Reverend John Hale, played by Craig Wood (another standout performance), is called in by Reverend Samuel Parris, played by Brent Summerton, to make sense of the girls’ behaviour.

He comes with hopes of not jumping to conclusions that witchcraft is being practiced, but soon he too begins to see work of the Devil. Something he later comes to regret when he finds blood on his hands.

The High Court becomes involved, and things start to get really out of control. People left, right and centre and being accused of witchery and conversing with the Devil. Those that “confess” are ostracised, and those claiming innocence are sentenced to be hanged.

A major turning point arrives when Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, played by Andrea Becker, is accused by Abigail. Becker gave a hearty performance that really got me investing my emotions into the play. The suffering she was facing as a cheated wife who remained loyal, but also at times a cold woman, was displayed as if it were her own.

Proctor becomes determined to prove his wife’s innocence. He encourages his house maid, Mary Warren, played by Michaela Sherry, to admit that her and the other girls’ witnessing of spirits and other such natures were false. However, this does not all go as planned.

The second half of the show had me on the edge of my seat and built to a spectacular finish. Scenes in the court at times gave me goose bumps.

All performances were wonderful. There was such a large cast it is impossible to mention everyone, but they really were exceptional at working together to give a great show!

I have to give special mention to Brenda’s direction, costume and design, and to the great lighting for the night time scene that ended the show.

I must note that each half went for approximately one hour and twenty minutes, for those that are not expecting such a long show. However, this time is used wisely and not a moment is wasted.

I recommend that everyone check out this play, and come away feeling as thrilled as I did.

The Crucible continues until June 7. Bookings on 07 3379 4775.

KELLY SCOTT May 23, 2008

Friday, May 18, 2007

Many jobs

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time since I have bloged. Our Blog has now come into the “and beyond” part of the title, and “beyond” is currently “Back home” and perhaps it will stay that way for a long while.

When coming back I realized a few things, one of them was financially it wasn’t worth it. We saved 10,000 which we sent setting ourselves back up when we got home. That’s a little frustrating, but at least I now have the experience and a new direction in my career.

Since getting back I think I have had about 15 jobs. Let me count; ATA, BCE, IH, AEC, Tracer, Marsden SHS, and now, FLC… well only 7… but that’s enough. Sometimes I have been doing 3 different jobs at one time, in fact, I am still doing 3 jobs at one time.

I have just gotten the last job at Forest Lake College. It’s a .5 load (which means 50% of the classes and of the pay as a normal teacher). This is great for study, but the problem is, most of the time I have 1 or 2 classes every day which means I have to work 4 or 5 days a week. I can’t do supply work with other schools. It’s a shame because supply work is really good money.

We have also been doing some other work for the Australian Electoral Commission. The job is walking from door to door checking if people are correctly enrolled on the electoral role. It is compulsory to vote in Australia but some people don’t seem to think it should be. Some people treat me like the government and blame me for the evil or lazy system. Some people just don’t want to give me their personal information. It’s funny actually, what would I care about what your name is? I can easily find you in the white pages!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

back with ATA

I am marketing for ATA again ( and this time and I doing the Gold Coast...
TESOL is still a niche market and it's getting more crowded by the minute.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back in Aus

So, we are back... Have been for a month. I guess I should tell my extended family or something. Meh!

I have been looking for work, and I'm going back to the place I was before we left. That's great I hope I can make enough money for us to live!

I am banking on making good money from it but I will have to be very hard working.

I am working at ATA. It's a great place to work, and I think has the best short TESOL courses on offer. If you run across my blog and I haven't scared you off going to China, then why not call ATA and tell them I sent you.


Anyway - I will keep posting.

Brad and I will be married this year. We will have an engagement party when we sre ready to name a date.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Secert Photos

A student sent me a gift via email today. Some secret photos that were taken of me having a class with the students. Have a look. "secret" photos taken with telephones are quite common here. I have often seen students taking them. however these are the first I have received.