Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Eeep, and Yay at the same time

YAY – Ahumbleknight is BACK from ten days at the Army, but *sigh* I have to get away for another five up to Toowoomba. I’m not saying I won’t enjoy myself, but I will miss him. I can’t wait for the day we are both in China and have heaps of time to spend together. I am hanging for that day.

We did some organising etc. Got a few photos of the ol’ car (www.stormwarden.org/helen/car) and made a few enquiries about the rear lite – Just under $85 to fix. Had I known it was that cheep I would have fixed it 2 years ago!!! Anyway – that’s great, now the car can sell without any major faults.

But selling it will be a hard task, and probably the most annoying part of this whole process.

Will keeps letting us in on little bits of info (as he thinks of them I assume) and Ahumbleknight and I both love reading anything he has to say about anything to do with China. We are both so excited. (I am also scared shitless, but don’t tell him that!)

We have made our final bookings for the hotels and we know lots about the train system, not so much about busses though. I have learnt the Mandarin words for “Train Ticket” but not the Cantonese words so that’s going to be NO help!

Oh well – I have made a few friends in China already – not that any of them live where I am going – but some of them live somewhere on the way. They all seem very nice, and very interested in learning English so I am heartened and happy.

That’s it for now – no real progress, only that there are only 6 and ½ weeks left! Eeep, and Yay at the same time.


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