Monday, January 31, 2005

The night before...

It was the night before Hong Kong and all through the house,
There was hustle and bustle and just one squashed mouse.

But seriously, we fly out at 10:30am tomorrow and it’s been a bit hectic today. We decided to get a video camera in Australia and now we have only the final packing left.

It’s exciting and a little scary, but there was a long time that I didn’t feel like I was really living my life and I haven’t felt that in months.

That’s the best thing.

Monday, January 17, 2005

no car @ China -14 days

AHumbleKnight and I no longer own a car and we have 14 days left in the country.

Friday, January 14, 2005

PS about Visas…

The hectic worry is over for now actually, but last week we thought all hell was breaking loose because it came to light about proper working visas being needed before we entered the country. ARG!! But Will and Paula did about 6 days worth of solid freaking out and running around, and now we are picking up the paperwork tomorrow morning. Giving us 2 weeks for the posted visas to get down there and back to us! HOORAY!

PS about budget…

We not only met it now but we kicked its ass with about $1000 extra. Things are going great at work as well – heaps of extra sign-ups today makes me think I will defiantly get some extra commission.

Maybe I can get a Video-camera after all.... and then what an exciting blog this will be.

Only 18 days - the business end of things

Sold the car, told about 50 places that I have changed my address and I’m moving to China. I am in the middle of getting an International Driving Permit and now that there is only 18 days to go it’s down to the dirty business of all that little niggly shit.

Next week after selling the car is going to be an arse with no car, but my benevolent mother has lent me hers for the week. But we are moving everything out of the house now so we don’t have to do it with someone else’s car.

Some things about moving to China are really starting to suck, but I was looking at some brochures today, and the place is beautiful. We are getting set to have a fantastic spring festival with Will and Paula, I have organised to meet up with someone at the same time and everything for the first few weeks is taking shape.

Starting to worry about the example lesson again, but that’s still ages away. Guess I might think up something on the way to class like I always used to. I have my best ideas like that.