Sunday, January 14, 2007

All this for less than 100

Wow – November. I have been slack!

To anyone out there reading the blog thing, you might be interested to know that I got all of this for less than 100 aussie dollars! That’s right! The nicest boots known to man, and if anyone wants a pare better send me your shoe size pretty soon! But seriously, it’ll take me heaps to get them all in the post for ya, and that’s the worst thing! I would buy SO much stuff, if only it would fit in my bag!

We have got a few things though, and I’m getting a dress made for Julie – cos she’d like look really good in it and stuff.

It might also interest you to know that on the 3rd we’ll be back in Aus for the forseable future. That’s right – the beyond of China is at the moment back to Australia. After a year or 18 months there I have NO idea where we will end up.

As far as I know Brad wants to get to Japan at some point. I want to spend a few years in England, or Hong Kong (That’s China but, Do you say? Well kind of!) or India (not SO sure about that one, but I met some cool people) or perhaps even outback Australia. Maybe even somewhere in the middle of no-bloody-where like the Kimberley. I wonder if there are many jobs for Cops up there? Or perhaps I could learn to drive a huge truck and work for BHP – commodity prices are going up, up, up!

All in all, I hope to finish off my M.TESOL in a year no matter what I do.

About what has been going on? Totally nothing much. A lot of annoying stuff with school – not the school – but that people who the school has a contract with to provide books and teachers for the special English class.

Normal classes have been as fun as ever and we have been spending ample time hanging out with our Chinese friends.

I went to the school concert on Firday afternoon for a short time and hear one of my best student/friend’s singing. He was really amazing, just like a bought one! :P Seriously though – the next Chinese Idol Winner! I know him!

Precious little else. The plane ticket was the most interesting thing. There was a little scare with my visa for an evening.

My working visa ends on the 20th of January. I was always intending to leave the school after this term, to return to Australia, but I asked the school a number of times whether I should go home before the 20th or if they wanted to renew until the end of the term. I didn’t get any answer for ages, and so I assumed they were taking care of it. Monday the VP rings the PSB and finds out that it’s just too much work and effort, and so just said that I should return home. I asked him if it was possible to extend my visa to a tourist visa just for the last month (something I know many people here have done) and apparently the local PSB official said “no” to that option. With only 12 days to buy a plane ticket, I freaked and my Chinese friends (a few teachers at the school) spent a frantic evening ringing around to try and find an air ticket while I searched online.

I was really worried, so I decided to get up early and visit the PSB myself before my first class for the day. Without telling anyone I got a cab down there and asked myself. Told them the school only just rang, and it was proving difficult to get a ticket on such short notice.

The lady said there was no problem at all extending my visa, and she couldn’t understand why the VP was told that a tourist visa was out of the question. All they had to do was write a letter stating that they had finished up the contract and I needed a few days to book a plane ticket.

When I arrived back at the school and told everyone what I had done a few offered “I would have come with you” but in the end I am just happy I went alone. Only took an hour there and back.

Now I have a ticket for the 2nd of Feb, and everything is sorted.

Well – that’s about all. But do have another look at just how cool my new boots are.

Cheers all.


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