Friday, May 18, 2007

Many jobs

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time since I have bloged. Our Blog has now come into the “and beyond” part of the title, and “beyond” is currently “Back home” and perhaps it will stay that way for a long while.

When coming back I realized a few things, one of them was financially it wasn’t worth it. We saved 10,000 which we sent setting ourselves back up when we got home. That’s a little frustrating, but at least I now have the experience and a new direction in my career.

Since getting back I think I have had about 15 jobs. Let me count; ATA, BCE, IH, AEC, Tracer, Marsden SHS, and now, FLC… well only 7… but that’s enough. Sometimes I have been doing 3 different jobs at one time, in fact, I am still doing 3 jobs at one time.

I have just gotten the last job at Forest Lake College. It’s a .5 load (which means 50% of the classes and of the pay as a normal teacher). This is great for study, but the problem is, most of the time I have 1 or 2 classes every day which means I have to work 4 or 5 days a week. I can’t do supply work with other schools. It’s a shame because supply work is really good money.

We have also been doing some other work for the Australian Electoral Commission. The job is walking from door to door checking if people are correctly enrolled on the electoral role. It is compulsory to vote in Australia but some people don’t seem to think it should be. Some people treat me like the government and blame me for the evil or lazy system. Some people just don’t want to give me their personal information. It’s funny actually, what would I care about what your name is? I can easily find you in the white pages!


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