Friday, June 02, 2006

good and bad

It’s been a long time since I have bogged anything substantial, and I still doubt any of you are reading… but blog I shall, more for me than for you.

I am becoming frustrated with some of the people around here, well, one of the people and I can safely say that because blogspot is blocked in China, really the best site I could have chosen, sometimes frustrating but mostly very useful.

So anyway – the lady. You know when there is someone around that is angry and frustrated, and they tend to bring you down to their level? Well she is great at it, and I am getting sick of her. She doesn’t like it here and she doesn’t like the school, but she is remaining for some strange reason and she seems to like nothing better than to beat my head against the wall of her frustration. It is SO annoying. It would be better if she was a good listener, but she isn’t that either.

So I am left hearing, ever hearing bad stuff about how horrible this place is, that I was beginning to feel very unhappy. Today, I have decided to be positive all the time and to stand up for the school at ever occasion and to spend as little time with her as she will allow. That way I will feel happier here, because apart from the odd frustration, this is a wonderful relaxing and easy job.

We have 2 weeks of school left and we are having a wonderful time watching the students with their short plays, they are so creative and very funny. Chinese students are actually just as creative as any one else, they just need the opportunity.


Anonymous Nel said...

We do read, just don't get the chance to post in return as much as we would like! *big grin*

I'm loving having the opportunity to catch up with what you've been doing.

8:48 pm  

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