Thursday, April 20, 2006

Falling Down

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous! I fell off my bike AGAIN yesterday. And as my mother taught me, bad things always come in threes, so what next world??? What the hell next?

I will admit, the Monday fall was entirely my fault. Entirely my fault! But yesterday wasn’t MEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I was riding along the road with heavy traffic (as is always the case here). This was just at the beginning of a long ride where we were intending to see the river for the first time. I was trying to pass a lady on a bike; my front wheel was just next to her back wheel when she decided to turn into me without looking. We both fell off but as I went down I hit the side of my head against a passing motorbike. OUCH! Dammit, now both of my legs are all scratched up and my head hurts a lot. GRRRR

I got up quickly and picked up my bike, then her bike and then went back to her. She barely had a scratch on her, but we lying on the ground at first yelling and screaming. When she realised that it wasn’t a Chinese but a foreigner who she had run into she got up. Then when she realised that I was the one bleeding she decided to admit it was her fault (yes she could speak a little English).

So she rode off and I cleaned my leg, poured water on my head and then rode home slowly.


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