Friday, April 21, 2006

staying home

It’s half way through our holiday, and my leg really hurts. My head also still hurts and I can’t believe how possible it is to stay at home all day every day only leaving the apartment to have lunch or dinner.

I would have been going batty if I was in Australia. Here, I am happy to say inside, away from ogling and crowds.

My left leg is actually really badly hurt, much worse than my right. It’s puffed up and sometimes standing on it just hurts. My head too is still painful and I can’t sleep on that side or chew easily. I wish you could get helmets in China, but I haven’t seen any I would consider proper helmets, just those plastic hard hat things that you get in toy kits. I think I might go and do some looking in bike shops when I feel up to going for another ride.


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