Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chinese organisation

There is a holiday coming up.

From Monday to Tuesday the following week (inclusive) for May day.

So we have to have make up classes on Saturday and Sunday for some of the classes we will miss.

But instead of making Sat and Sun the following Mon and Tues, we are having Thursday's classes on Sat and Friday's classes on Sun.

Then the following week we will have Monday's classes on Wednesday. Tuesday's on Thursday and Wednesday’s on Friday.

Do you follow?

If anyone in the world can find the logic in that can you let me know?

This is a classic example of Chinese organisation.

Oh - by the way - the other foreign teacher only found out after I told her that the students told me. She had to ask to get the details and then passed them onto me. The students know, but none of the Chinese teachers have told me yet. It's Thursday afternoon.


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