Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For the past few weeks we have been doing little more than going to class, eating and coming home. A few nights we have gone out for a jog or a ride, but life here is mostly routine. Mostly.

The bike accident
Something interesting did happen yesterday. I fell off my new bike. I was trying to keep up with Brad and ride along the ridiculous side roads that bikes are relegated to.

In Aus bikes can ride on the road, and are pretty much expected to follow the same rules as cars, but the highway the runs past our school has a road, a bike road and a footpath. No one takes any notice of the difference between the footpath and the bike road, and anyway, we have to share the bike road with 3 wheeled bikes that barley go faster than pedestrians.

Anyway – I riding along this bike path and I was trying to squeeze past a guy who was walking close to the 90 degree gutter. Anyway, the bike slipped down onto the road and I slid along the tarmac for a bit.

When we got to the “Gain Full Mart” we looked all over for some band aids or dettol but they had NOTHING. Absolutely nothing I could use except for water. When I went outside to clean off a group of Chinese stood around and watched me poor water down my leg. Seriously, they made a semi-circle around me and were having a good old chat commenting to each other in Chinese about what I was doing.

Positive Feedback
On a lighter note, we have been getting very positive feedback from the school and the teachers. They are really happy with our work, and our lessons and the students (at least the students in number 1 middle school) seem to really like us too. So, as long as we keep it up we will be able to get some very positive references when we leave this position.


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