Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The life of a traveller - and more screwups

Brad's mum was right and we should have used rolling suitcases not back packs.

My shoulders feel as if they want to pull out of their sockets.

Anyway - we have left Gaozhou now forever, but in Hong kong that story doesn't get any happier.

We went to get the visas, but the paperwork wasn't right for Brad. So I will be getting a proper visa, but Brad can only get a tourist visa, meaning he can't work in China. FFS!

It looks as though this is going to be a long and difficult stuff around. Not worth it to anyone.

The past 2 days step by step.

Up at 8, clean house
Taxi to Maoming @11
wait at the train station for paperwork which arrives @ 12:30
Get Bus from Maoming @1:50 arrive @5 in Guangzhou.
Get rejected my a bunch of Taxis and eventually pay 50RMB for a 20RMB cab ride to the hotel (fucking sick of waiting)
Shower, and got out for dinner but find that the best restaurant in town isn't open.
Instead for a 2 year anniversary (which it was yesterday by the way) we had Pizza hut. Average right? But F-king expensive in China.
Try to got to bed at 11 but for some reason can't get to sleep until about 2 or 3 am! ARRRRRG.

8am get up
9am have brekky
10am get on buss to train station (2 Chinese dollars each)
10:20 am get off bus beucase we are fucking lost catch a cab which takes us back the way we came (20 Chines dollars! ARG)
11:40 get on train to Shenzhen
2:00pm arrive in Shezhen go to border crossing
2:30 in Hong Kong, get train to Hong Kong Island
3:30 get to Hong Kong island after changing trains 2wice walk to the Chinese Embassy. Realise the we forgot the PP photos! ARG!
4:00 Get to the Chinese Embassy and have our Bags searched before we can enter. Lucky they have a photo booth there.
4:30 get served and told that I can get a working visa but Brad can't get a Business visa. ARRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!
5pm back on train to find hotel
5:30 realise that we are lost and we have to spend another 20 minutes walking to the hotel (my fault waaaaaaaa!!!)
6pm Find out the prices of the hotel have gone up a shitload since last year but pay it anyway cos we are freaking tired.
7:30pm eat an average dinner that cost 100HK dollars
8pm find net bar and start bitching about my day.
it's now 8:40pm. TIRED! SAD. Pissed off.

But - hey - I hope you have enjoyed my sorrow.


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