Sunday, February 19, 2006

Leaving Gaozhou

This past 20 days have been the worst we have spent in China.

We were told that our visa paperwork would be ready just after the spring festival. Then we were told the 10th and then we were assured that we would get it ‘any day now’ for the next 10 days. It’s amazing how long 10 days can be when there is NOTHING to do and all you want to do is GET OUT of the little town in which you live.

The package we were waiting for (the only reason we stayed) was late, delayed and finally sent to the wrong address Chaozhou, not Gaozhou) far far away from here. FFS some people are so pathetic. This just highlights that some Chinese people have as much skills in organising as a stick of cinnamon. Maggie (the new girl) could only say “sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry, it is my fault, so sorry Helen.” As I ranted at her about waiting around, and big mistakes etc.

While Mandy (more skills than a stick of cinnamon) actually fixed it so we wouldn’t have to wait around until 2, but could get the package at 12:30 in Maoming.

Well – long story short, we are leaving in the morning to start all over in a new city. Viva-la-change!

Cheers everyone, back online asap


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