Thursday, January 26, 2006

Our Winter Camp in GaoZhou

This is David, He was the best student at the camp, and also, a nice person. He didn't want me to take a picture of him. Mwohooharharhar.This is our class having fun!
This is us with Jim, Ben and David. Three of the best boys in the class.
From Left Duke(The funny Man), Bill (the splattered God) Michael (The Chinese Jim Carrey) Edward (The Character) Robert (The second Character).
This is up KILLING Michael for being... himself.
Here is Justin (our Chinese Teaching Partner with many hands.)
Here is the other Class of little kids that Will so graciously taught.
There was more than a bit of BB played before and after class.
Mary (who was lovely and had to leave a day early) with Helen.
And finally Us with the son of one of the teacher's in Class 1 grade 1.
We had a good time, but missed the opportunity to see a bit more of the local country side. Now it's 2 days before Spring festival and everyone is going home or shopping till they drop. We wont be going anywhere for a few days. TOO BUSY!!!


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