Friday, December 03, 2004

Reservations for Hong Kong

I have some reservations. I will have by the time I go to Bed tonight ; )

Spending all day searching for maps and hotel info was interesting. The most useful sites for Hong Kong are:
Discover China

Hong Kong Airport
From here you can find Buses, Trains and accommodation.

I made a number of enquiries today, and Anna Black Guest House has come out on top! Its definitely one of the cheapest, but they have direct transfers from the Air Port for only 16 bucks and were the first to get back to me with my email enquiry, so they came in first place!

I think we have found the cheapest place to stay in Honk Kong so that should be an experience in itself.

AhumbleKnight and I have decided to stay in Hong Kong for 2 nights instead of just one because we want to be able to do some exploring.

And If I thought I was having a bit of trouble, Shellshell from Rockhampton is having a shocking time. The horrors of having KIDS!!! It’s Friday night, she flies out on Saturday week (8 days and only 5 of them working days) and one of her two sons has just washed their 3 passports. The pages are shattered and the visas have detached themselves.

She now she has to find a way to get new documents in a VERY sort time. ARGGG!!! Only 5 days to get passports and visas! Can she do it? Or will she have to postpone her flight to Hong Kong? Stay Tuned!!!


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