Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Saying goodbye

I was writing this blog at the beginning of the week but didn't post it:
"It's so painful to say goodbye to the really sweet kids here.
Many of them show genuine sadness that I will be leaving, and will no longer be their teacher. But I can't crack out the water works 28 times in one week, so I have just been telling them that I will miss them and writing my email address on the black board."

Anyway - so it turns out that even though I said goodbye to everyone this week the school has changed its plans and now and I'll be teaching for one more week!!! Well not bad at all really, in fact I couldn't get it into my head that I was finished for some reason, it didn't feel like the end.

But DAM IT next week I'll be walking into 28 different classrooms. All of which thought last week was my last friggin week. Dammit! The first 5 minutes will be "The school changed its mind" "yes I AM going to Wenzhou" "no it wasn't a joke" "no, I don't know why..." etc.

Oh well - the more questions they ask the better right. It'll be a good warm up. :)


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