Thursday, December 22, 2005

Frequent Chinese Visions

Mothers holding their little boys leg open so they can pee in the street right in front of the most prestigious shopping mall in town.

Old people cooking dinner in a small pot over a fire in the middle of the debris from a construction site next to the main road. Rubbish used for fuel.

Mothers grabbing their children and pointing out “the foreigners” as they walk past.

Live ducks tied to the handle-bars of bicycles by their feet and ridden through the city.

Police in police cars driving up the wrong side of the road and beeping at everyone while driving their children to school.

The main road of the town where we live being filled with people standing around watching a big screen TV that has been set up outside by a shop to attract attention.

An even bigger group of people completely blocking a road because of a huge performance being held outside a shopping centre and the police not doing anything to stop it.

The road outside our house becoming a total parking lot once a month when all the parents come with their cars to pick up their children from school.

Little girls barely able to see over the pile of text books sitting on their desks.

Little babies running around in crotchless pants to avoid the need for nappies. They are free to pee anywhere and need to be picked up after like an un-house-trained puppy.

A grandmother running after a little child with bowl trying to feed it lunch.

The dog downstairs being fed rice for dinner.


Blogger Ashley said...

Thats fucking amazing. It sounds alm,ost like a whole other country!

3:21 pm  

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